Sunday, November 10, 2013

for travel's sake

Six months ago, I leapt at the opportunity to take a free flight to Nice. (Well. I mean, who wouldn't?) Last week, I leapt again, with not a moment's hesitation. I had been surprised, in March, at how at home I felt in this charming city on the Côte d'Azur, and at how much there was to do, and see, and enjoy.

March, mind, isn't high season. Nor is November. Even the Vieille Ville wasn't crowded. I could always find a free bench along the promenade. I wasn't jostling fellow visitors at the half-dozen museums I visited (for free!). I like things that way, and I expect next week will be quiet, too.

I crossed most tourist attractions off my list in the spring, so I can now approach things slightly differently. I stayed at a perfect little hotel on my last visit, but have booked what looks to be a charming AirBnB in the old town this time. I like the idea of cooking my own evening meal, especially. I intend to visit the Chagall Museum, and the Modern Art Museum - I ran out of time for both back then. I will repeat my train trip to Ventimiglia, though, because it was a brilliant day out and the market there is awesome. And speaking of markets: there is a real market in Nice - not the overpriced, over-styled one at the Cours Saleya - that I can't wait to stroll.  I would like to see the inside of the Nice Opéra.  I will treat myself to more ice cream at Fenoccio. And I must finally try socca!

Little surprise holidays are the best.

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