here, there, everywhere

We are not young travelers. Well, not young-in-birthdays, anyhow.  We do get around, though, in these golden years, and we delight in every moment that we're out and about.
So where do we travel, when we travel? And perhaps more importantly: how do we travel?
We love Southeast Asia, and have explored it pretty extensively in the past ten years. We have Taiwan and South Korea and Sri Lanka on our wish list. I would like to see Cuba some day, and maybe Argentina. (*Update 2023: loved Sri Lanka, totally adored both Cuba and Taiwan!)

Japan is a longtime dream, but the cost (and, candidly, my aversion to fish) is an obstacle.
Living in Europe, we are also immensely fond of France, Spain, Portugal, and Italy. I once lived in Greece, and would love to return. And the United Kingdom is endlessly stunning. There is simply not enough time, I fear.
When we travel, we take our time. We used to just book a flight and see where the adventure took us, but these days, with so many people travelling and using Internet to plan, we have become a bit more organised.
I research itineraries and accommodations once our destination is decided and our flights booked. I write a lot of emails. I read a lot of travel blogs and reviews. I try to reserve accommodations that allow me to cancel later. We like a bit of leeway.
We love public transport. It has always worked for us.
We travel light, but I travel lighter than my husband does. My 32L Eastpak carry-on is all I take, and it makes the decisions for me. Husband checks a backpack in.

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